Reflecting on how we use our phones in 2022

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At this time of year I find myself listening to more podcasts I’ve released two episodes this week. One is a truly brilliant discussion about how simple decisions can transform workplace culture. And the second is not really about workplace culture but is a stimulating reflection on the way we’re living .

A couple of years ago I loved Jia tolentino’s Trick Mirror which was a sparklingly intelligent reflection on the way that the internet is evolving. And along the same lines is a brand new book, Disconnected by Emma Gannon. Emma is increasingly accomplished in multiple fields, she’s a novelist, a  non-fiction writer and also an incredibly successful podcaster with over 10 million listens to her podcasts.

She’s written a new book which comes at a time that a lot of us are considering renegotiating relationship with our phone. But how can be not lose what we love about our devices which increasing our connection to those around us – a great discussion.

Along the way we also talk about her brand new writers’ journal which you can find out more about here.

Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash