Harvard professor: Work from Anywhere is our destiny

“There are two kinds of companies: One is going to embrace work-from-anywhere, and the second is in denial — I feel those companies will lose their workforce. You have to make a choice, as a leader, what kind of company you want to lead” (source)

The words of today’s guest have stayed with me for the last few months. I’m so delighted to talk to Professor Raj Choudhury from Harvard Business School who will possibly wake you up from a self-created illusion.

He’ll explain:

  • why WFA is inevitable
  • the role that top talent have in redefining work for everyone
  • why 25 to 50% is a magic amount of time
  • why WFA presents a win-win-win solution for us

I was so looking forward to this and it doesn’t disappoint.

Read Professor Choudhury’s HBR cover article.

Here is the audio clip I mentioned.