The podcast

Back for a new series and again sitting at #1 on the Apple Business Podcast Chart with 250,000 streams per month. Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a podcast about making work better.

Bruce Daisley interviews psychologists, neuroscientists and workplace experts to understand how we can improve our jobs. The series has a focus on science and experts, over gurus and opinions.


The Book

The bestselling guide to building positive workplace cultures (and getting our own workplace mojo back!) A Sunday Times #1 Bestseller. Following the success of the podcast, the book has become an international smash. Published in UK as The Joy of Work, in the US as Eat Sleep Work Repeat and translated into 14 languages. 30 scientifically proven ways to improve your work. Lessons to recharge, improve sync and build buzz in your work.

Work Culture

What steps can we take to improve our work culture? Here are some of Bruce's talks on the steps that any of us can take to fix work. If you're interested in video, click through to see a selection of TED Talks and other video inspiration. Bonus prize for anyone who Photoshops a cocktail shaker into Bruce's hands.


Bruce speaks on dealing with hybrid working, work culture and building a culture of innovation. Click for more details of his speaking - and also forthcoming live events.

About Bruce

I’m Bruce Daisley. I’ve spent my career working in media and technology companies like Twitter, YouTube, Google and others. Along the way I’ve become obsessed with making our jobs better, and how often we get it wrong.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat is my attempt to escape the bad opinions that leaders bring to work culture – and to replace them with evidence and facts.

(There’s a book of the same title available in the US, it’s called The Joy of Work in the UK).