Clear thinking for 2022

Two outstanding conversations trying to make sense of what is happening around work. Firstly I chat to Brian Elliott who leads the Future Forum, a group led by Slack. they released a new report surveying workers in the UK, US and other major countries. Here are the topline findings – but the conversation goes way beyond this.

  • UK knowledge workers are most likely to say they want flexibility in where they work (81%)
  • 60% of UK knowledge workers are more open to changing jobs in the next year
  • 69% UK knowledge workers say they want to work hybrid – 58% are currently doing so

Brian also gives a shout out to Donut – a tool to build serendipity.

Then I speak to one of the most respected thought leaders in making sense of the future of work, Julia Hobsbawm is the sought after intelligent voice when it comes to future of work discussions. She chairs the Demos ‘Workshift Commission. Her new book, The Nowhere Office is a confident reflection about how we can tackle the future – it’s out for pre-order now.

We talk about office politics, establishing what Leesman call our ‘workplace why’ – and how we can make hybrid work.