Apps, algorithms and your next job

If you’re looking to get a job sometime in the next decade – and that includes almost all of us – there’s a very high probability that you’re going to be exposed to a psychometric test. As they become enhanced by AI and made more scaleable via apps these tests are going to go everywhere. So what are the implications for what work is going to look at.

This episode I’m looking into the evolving nature of recruiting and how its changing to accommodate the latest science and also innovations in technology. Firstly I’m going to get my hands dirty testing one of the new evolving candidate testing apps that are starting to emerge. Then I’m chatting to Rich Littledale and he is a chartered psychologist who previously worked at a leadership consulting firm and now helps start ups with their strategic people challenges.

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Rich Littledale runs a company called People Up. In the show he mentioned a blog post – you can find it here.

As Rich there says most orchestras have now introduced blind auditions and in fact most them use carpeted stages to avoid the sound of shoes. Read more here: