The UK’s top careers coaches want to solve your job worries

As we start a new year considerations about the jobs we do have never been more prominent. One headline this year has already suggested that up to three-quarters of us might be considering changing jobs. Intriguingly money doesn’t appear to be in the top five reasons to make a change.

I wanted to understand what was going on here, and what any of should be doing about it. Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis are the UK’s most respected careers coaches. Their first book The Squiggly Career is a perennial bestseller, and has become adopted into the lexicon of how we talk about a renegotiated relationship with our careers. Their TED Talk has received millions of views. They have a new book out, You Coach You, which offers practical coaching for anyone curious about changing their career. Some of their suggestions – like job scanning – will help you reorientate what you want from your job – and how you can achieve it.

Whether you’re thinking about changing work – or just have friends who are considering it – this is a great episode to help us reflect on what we want from our jobs.

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