“Men have no friends and women bear the burden”

Lots of my favourite podcasts have gone on summer break, so I wanted to keep putting some episodes out.

But maybe you don’t want something that is too work related in the midst of the summer, so this is an episode that is more psychology and life than workplace culture. It’s a lovely discussion with Max Dickins author of ‘Billy No Mates’.

I got so much from the book – and from the discussion. Max reflects on the geezerish persona he adopts with workmen in his house and wonders if it’s a performance and if it is a performance is it by him, or the workman or both of them. He considers how for many men adult life becomes a process of refusing to demonstrate – and then refusing to experience – joy. As someone asked of him, ‘what happened to these men’?

The article that the episode is titled after is here – we discuss it in the show: “Men have no friends and women carry the burden”

Max’s book is available now.