Testing the New Work Manifesto

Around 12 months ago myself and Sue Todd created the New Work Manifesto. It was an attempt to start the debate about simple things that we can change. You can find it on the menu above.

It’s had a briliant response, research companies have asked to help validate it, different professions like doctors and police have been in touch asking if they can adapt it for their working. Lots of companies have told me they’ve been trying it out with their teams.

One person contacted me and offered to share the experience and learnings of the New Work Manifesto in their team. And that was Tom Kegode. I went down one lunch time a few weeks ago to meet Tom and his team at Lloyds Bank Group. Tom is an Innovations Programme Manager who has helped share the new work manifesto across LBG.

You’re going to hear discussion of various parts of the manifesto and the way that people at Lloyds are trying to make work more positive and enjoyable. Round the table were Lloyds employees Sam, Kate, Miranda, Verica, Ben, Jess, Heather, Shirley, Alastair, Dave and of course Tom himself.

If you’re interested in using the New Work Manifesto it all on the website, it’s not copyright. Use it, change it, remix it, edit it but whatever you do please hit me on linked in or via twitter to tell me how you got on.

This is the last in the series. I’ll be back after the summer with a stellar list of the people who have done the best research on work, laughter, philosophy and workplace creativity.

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