New research says UK workers are worried about the rising costs associated with work

New research says UK workers are showing growing insecurity towards their treatment by their employers.

The research which surveyed a 1000 knowledge workers in the UK found that over 7 in 10 UK workers having experienced burnout in the past year.

  • Almost half (49%) of UK workers highlight associated costs with office working, such as travel and food as a stressor—at a time when almost 9 in 10 British adults are reporting a rise in their cost of living (ONS).
  • Over two thirds (70%) of UK workers highlight a four-day week would improve their health and wellbeing at work
  • 62% say they are able to work more flexibly thanks to technology

Research was conducted on behalf of Slack by Sapio Research in April 2022 using an email invitation and an online survey. Results are accurate to ± 3.1% at 95% confidence limits assuming a result of 50%.

Photo by Steven Lu on Unsplash