Making the world (of work) happier: Mo Gawdat

What a truly wonderful conversation you’re about to listen to today. Mo Gawdat is an expert on happiness and today’s episode is a combination of philosophy and science – and it never fails to be stimulating to listen to every step of the way. This podcast used to be about happiness and work culture. And about 4 years I saw a captivating clip by Mo which went viral everywhere on the internet. I contacted him and finally here we are. Mo Gawdat was formerly the boss of Google X, the company’s innovation lab, now he is one of the most respected thought leaders on how we can find happiness in our lives.

Links mentioned in the show:

Joe Biden’s climate plan (I love this site Bloomberg Green btw their daily Green email is brilliant).

Listen to Mo’s podcast. I’m on this episode.

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Here’s Mo’s original viral clip if you want to share it – YouTube/Facebook/Twitter

Mo mentions the most successful artist Romero Britto – here’s his work, he wasn’t kidding about his work being simplistic.