The world’s WFH expert is confident for offices

Regular listeners will know how much I love the work of Professor Nick Bloom from Stanford University – as featured in previous newsletters – Nick has been researching remote working for over a decade. I’ve been pestering him to talk for the last few weeks and I managed to secure him for this week’s podcast.

We’re going deeper into the evidence today with two brilliant guests. Anne Raimondi is COO of Asana who were smart enough to have started a major piece of research into how work is evolving just before the world turned upside down. We’re also joined by the most in demand brain in the world right now, Professor Nick Bloom. Nick is Professor WFH, an economist from Stanford University who has been researching remote working for over a decade.

Along the way we talk about how the biggest innovations in remote working are yet to come – and are coming from mindblowing places. We talk the changing expectations of Gen Z workers, why Nick doesn’t believe we should be giving up our office just yet. We hear where the sweetspot of hybrid working is right now and why a little less freedom and a little more co-ordination is the order of the day.

I was desperately trying to get Nick on the podcast and to land Anne Raimondi at the same time is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Asana’s Anatomy of Work Report 2022 is available here. You can access Nick’s work here.

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