Could you be a co-host on Eat Sleep Work Repeat?

 If you think you could add something to the Eat Sleep Work Repeat podcast and would like to be a regular contributor please get in touch.

Eat Sleep Work Repeat is a podcast about work, psychology and life and we’re looking for someone who is curious about these subjects while having strong thoughts on work and where is it going.

I think there’s a way that this podcast could be faster moving and more responsive to the ongoing issues in work and psychology, to do that I’d love to think about bringing on someone to assist me.

The main criteria is that I don’t want this to be someone who looks and thinks like me, I want to work with someone who has a different profile and perspective.

If you think this is you – or someone you know email the podcast at

In your email:

  • Give details of who you are
  • Mention any previous podcast or content creating experience
  • Tell us about something you’ve seen recently that you think would make a good podcast discussion
  • Tell us what makes you laugh