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We often get pitched guests to reach Eat Sleep Work Repeat’s thousands of listeners.

This guide explains the podcast and what we are looking for. Generally if these rules don’t apply, your guest doesn’t fit the format of the show – no offence but we will say no.

The podcast: the show is about making work better – principally using evidence (rather than anecdote) of how to do that.

What we look for: we’re seeking guests who are intelligent and bring proof of their opinions. They’ve normally written a book or article on something related to work or they work in a field which will illustrate a challenging aspect of work.

What doesn’t work:

the show isn’t about leaders or leadership – lots of podcasts do this really well. That’s not Eat Sleep Work Repeat.

we don’t feature CEOs (the view from the boardroom is well covered elsewhere and runs against the spirit of ESWR), it will be a straight no on bosses

the podcast is not ‘pay for play’ when it comes to guests but you can advertise in the show – the ratecard for ads is here

we bias to new news or interesting perspectives – the show is driven by Bruce’s personal passion to understand and improve work – it often takes him into academic research or into the stories of people doing difficult jobs.

Think you fit? Contact the show