Fix your work!

Seth Godin, Matthew Syed, Adam Grant, Zeynep Ton – let these experts be your guide as we take you a course of inspiration to fix your work. Listen, share and discuss this selection of episodes.

If you’re looking to fix your own work culture these episodes give you a course of listening to take your team through.

Matthew Syed: Diverse thinking as a superpower – and how we can foster it.

Zeynep Ton: One of our most popular episodes. Ton explains why good culture is also good business sense. Starting in retail, she gives lessons relevant to all cultures.

Seth Godin: The legendary thinker explains how you should be imagining a new workplace culture for your firm.

Frances Frei: when the culture goes wrong at companies like Uber or WeWork they always reach to phone one person – Frances Frei. She explains how she gets nature to heal – with empathy and a lack of ego.

The 4 day revolution: Why we should be thinking of working shorter.

Inside Uber: Uber did a lot of remarkable things – and made some serious mistakes. Could they have prevailed as well without the toxic culture?

Adam Grant: The world’s leading expert on workplace culture discussed his take on what lies ahead.

Inside Microsoft’s cultural rebirth: [download the PDF] when the biggest company in the world slipped from its throne how did a new CEO try to rescue it using culture. What did Satya Nadella do? How did it succeed, how did it fail? What can any of us do to change our company culture?

This episode draws on the outstanding paper by Herminia Ibarra, Aneeta Rattan and Anna Johnston from London Business School.