The 4 Day Revolution: harder, better, faster, *shorter*

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Two episodes on one theme. Until coronavirus swept the world the discussion of 2020 was about the future of work being based on working less to achieve more. There are two episodes on this today.

Firstly former guest Alex Soojung Kim Pang talks about the research celebrating the benefits of working shorter (his book on the same subject came out this week). He spent the last 3 years going into firms that are using shorter working to build retention, productivity and creativity. He gives a clear roadmap of why you should consider working shorter, what the pitfalls are and what you could see as the benefit.

Then we go deep with someone who made the 4 day leap, Andrew Barnes’ firm Perpetual Guardian made the shift to 4 days. He explains why some workers never told their partners, why others felt it transformed their experience of work and he gives the clear way to make a 4 day experiment work at your work.

If you’re interested in going shorter one of the best ways seems to be to try a summer experiment – maybe from May to September – so now is a good time to start the preparation. If you try it please get in touch to share your experience!