Fewer predictions, more experiments – what’s next with work?

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Today’s episode is an opportunity to pick the brains of someone I’ve admired for a while. It’s a conversation with David D’Souza a director of CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). Incidentally he’s a fantastic Twitter follow. Anyone who does follows David knows that he’s a wise and witty observer of the changes going on at work right now. 

In our discussion David talks about the choices available to firms right now:

  • do we want to be famous for the new culture that we’ve created?
  • or our actions going to be defined by reactive actions to requirements like

The lesson of the internet is that things that we enter into optimistically often go wrong. Right now this seems to be a good moment to run a pre mortem on the things we’re doing – to take a look on what could go wrong and build forwards from that.

ALSO: I’m keen to hear from you if you think normal office life is coming back soon. Get it touch – I’ll feature your opinions!