We’ve never needed stories more – a masterclass by a story coach from The Moth

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We all tell stories all of the time, but what makes a magical, memorable story? What pitfalls should we avoid? This was an issue that I was thinking about. Presentations are stories, and we deliver presentations every day.

In my own investigation I found real value in the book by the storytelling organisation The Moth. I was beyond excited when I saw they were releasing a UK edition of the book. One of the authors Kate Tellers joins me to discuss The Moth’s approach to making memorable stories. Kate is a senior director at The Moth, helping people transform into storytellers. But she explains something even more valuable, of how The Moth run workshops that allow colleagues to better connect with each other by sharing their stories with each other.

How to Tell a Story: The Essential Guide to Memorable Storytelling from The Moth

Carolyn Martin’s story about becoming a Catholic Sister

Josh Broder’s story about being an extra in a huge film

Kate’s own Moth stories are here