Data and links to understand Work Reinvented


Over the last few weeks dozens of people have got in touch with me. ‘I know that you’re saying that the world has changed its views and home-working is here to stay, but my boss doesn’t agree and we’re going back 5 days a week when the vaccines drop’. They normally sign off with something like, ‘Please! What can I send them to make them change their mind?’ I understand the feeling, when I wrote my book I felt there was so much benefit from working in close proximity to colleagues ‘sync’ that remote working all the time would be a bad step.

This page just gives some of the evidence that might help any of us realise that the world has changed.

There’s lots of evidence that workers won’t accept going back to a 5 day commute:

And faced with all of this evidence more and more firms are announcing they recognise that a mixed economy of remote and office based working is the right solution:

What could come after this? We’re likely to see the hotelification of office space. Smaller offices set for specific purposes.