Bad Bosses

Dr Amanda Goodall is a Senior Lecturer in Management at Cass Business school. I don’t normally do stuff on leaders. There’s enough leader lit out there. So I actually came upon Dr Amanda Goodall’s work when I was looking at something else. I encountered her work when I was reading about the effect of our bosses on us.

Bad bosses are the worst thing at work. Amanda’s research says we’ll ask twice as much money to work someone who we can’t stand. It’s way more important than anything else. When someone resigns they resign from an individual not a firm.

So then she asked in her research what makes a good manager. She found that statistically people who are the best at management are those who were actually best at the original job. She believes hospitals should be run by doctors. Companies that make tech products should be run by people who build tech products. Football teams should hire someone who was the best footballer.

You might think of exceptions and her widely cited work says your examples are outliers.