An easy no

I receive a massive number of messages on social media, LinkedIn and in email. Largely this comes from running a relatively small podcast for a few years, a lot of PRs have me on lists to contact or friends of friends get in touch saying ‘it would be great to get them on your podcast’ (with relatively little consideration of what I’ve been putting on the podcast in recent months).

If I try to give everyone the time of day I’ve found it leads to exhaustion and overstretching myself.

Over time I’ve worked out a simple rule:if someone’s first interaction with me includes an ask of me, I don’t do it and I don’t do anything subsequently for that person. 

Is this rule perfect? No. But someone who asks a favour of a stranger without building a connection first has shown a character tell. They’re focussed on themselves. And as a quid pro quo, I believe they’ve given me permission to focus on me.

Maybe this rule has meant I’ve missed out on something, so be it, but I’ve written this post so those who do this can realise the impact of their approach and can reflect (maybe in the time they were asking of me). It’s not meant as a hostile act, merely explaining why this rule enables me to sort through the incoming asks in a respectful way. Please take my rejection as a simple, friendly declination.

As this is a personal rule, I’m sure you will respect it.