Which workplace culture is best?

Does in office beat hybrid and remote?

International research from Boston Consulting Group in December 2023 shows us what employees think about contemporary ways of working. (More details of the survey here)

Speaking to 11,000 workers across eight different countries they said:

  • Pay is the top factor that would drive someone to take a new job
  • However when employees chose between different aspects of work emotional factors took 3 of their top 5 priorities:
    1. pay
    2. hours
    3. feeling fairly treated
    4. feeling like I have job security
    5. doing work I enjoy

Great managers are strongly associated with employee experience. Having a great boss creates 3.2x increase in employee motivation, a 13.9x increase in job satisfaction, and a significant increase in feelings of inclusion.

56% of employees with a bad boss are an attrition risk from their firm. If you’re given a poor manager it’s odds even you won’t see out the year.

It might feel self evident but enjoying our work is a big motivation to stay in a job. Enjoying our work cuts the risk of attrition in half.

The challenge of this is that senior leaders often enjoy their jobs significantly more than those who work for them – and so their subjective opinion isn’t always a good guide to the temperature of the wider org.

Work by Flex Index says that structured hybrid working (agreed days in the office) has the highest level of employee satisfaction based on Glassdoor ratings)

Having joy at work is a huge driver of employee motivation – and is a good predictor of whether people consider themselves to be good at their jobs. Those who work hybrid are most likely to report feeling high levels of joy and effectiveness.

While the following data might be labelled too early to tell there’s also early signs that in person companies are finding it harder to grow. BCG reports in person firms grew on average at 2.7% per annum and structured hybrid firms achieved 6% growth.

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