Trends for 2024: Helping the accidental manager

An interview with Anthony Painter from Chartered Management Institute

The role of managers are pivotal in our working lives but most managers aren’t trained or prepared for the responsibilities that they are given.

When we look at the research from Gallup about burnout and why people hate their jobs managers are regarded as having the biggest responsibility. Half of people who say they don’t rate their manager say they are looking for jobs. So what can we do to make our relationship with our managers better? I chatted to Anthony Painter from CMI.

Chartered Management Institute research on the Accidental Manager

  • 82% of workers entering management positions have not had any formal management and leadership training
  • only a quarter of workers (27%) describe their manager as ‘highly effective’
  • of those workers who do not rate their manager, half (50%) plan to leave their company in the next year

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