Thought Leaders 2: Chris Barez Brown

Who’s Elvis round here? There was a time when answering that question would have earned you a nice cheque from the National Enquirer.

The second part of a spotlight on Thought Leaders – the gurus who are challenging the status quo.

Chris Barez-Brown is a best selling author, speaker and culture change consultant. …….He says: “We train businesses to manage change”

As he describes, Chris provides immerse experiences to improve the culture of leadership teams. These things don’t come cheaply – one company told me they’d spent over a million pounds

Chris talks about something called ‘talk it out’ that is really interesting. I held this episode back because I was going to do a whole episode about the power of walking because a scientist called Marily Oprezzo who has done a paper on this – I may come back to Marily soon!

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