The Big Return

Three episodes here of firms weighing up the big return to the office. It covers themes that I’ve covered in the newsletter over the last few weeks. What are other firms doing? How will they make their decisions. Over the 2 episodes I’ve chatted to stacks of people to get their views. Firstly I talk to someone who went on the record describing his company’s approach.

Dan Cullen Shute is the boss of advertising agency, Creature he tweeted a few weeks ago that he was getting the band back together every Wednesday and Thursday. I asked him his thinking behind this and his vision of how this will create a special place to work.

Then listen to conversations with Beth Marie Norbury from Babcock International, Tom Ellis from Brand Genetics, Richard from a big secret pharmaceuticals firm and Laura Pleasance from Captify.

Finally, Bhushan Sethi leads PwC’s workplace strategy business and Ben Waber is the CEO of workplace analytics firm, Humanyze.