‘Strength comes from feeling connected to other people’ – New Statesman profile, August 2022

‘an easy to read and well-researched book that will appeal to anyone who has had to sit through a “resilience” course, or who feels queasy every time a senior executive trots out platitudes about the importance of resilience’.

Financial Times – What to read this month, August 2022

Why quick fix resilience courses don’t work, August 2022

Why asking teenagers to ‘be more resilient’ is a mistake




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About Bruce

Bruce Daisley is one of the UK’s most influential voices on fixing work, published in the Washington Post, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal and The Guardian. His first book was a Sunday Times number 1 bestseller, and is now translated into 18 international editions. His second book, Fortitude, was  described as ‘the best business book of 2022’ by the Financial Times.
Previously he spent over a decade running Twitter and YouTube (the latter at Google) for Europe, leaving Twitter as its most senior leader outside of the US.