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Tom Kegode from LBG’s Work:Lab leader talks the future of work for 70000 employees

Last year I did a few episodes looking to see how firms were tackling the return to the office (the return to work – THE PLACE) but they were all small workplaces. Organisations that could make nimble actions, I wanted to see how a big firm handled these things. I contacted Tom Kegode, the lead for Work:Lab at Lloyds Banking Group. Lloyds employs 70000 people across hundreds of sites. It is logistically intense to make hybrid work for them.

Tom is a brilliant bright leader intent on creating something sustainable and special in the bank. He is thinking of creating co-working in branches. He is leading best practice about different workstyles in an organisation that isn’t mandating any rules. In classic egoless style Tom brought along his colleague Josh Reynolds who works in employee experience. You can find them both on Linked In here:

Tom Kegode is the leader for Lloyds’ Work:Lab initiative.

Josh Reynolds sits within colleague experience.

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