Beating burnout – learning from the YouTuber experience with Arron Crascall & Elle Mills

As we sit in a strange period of work, a slight distraction from the normal cycle with a discussion with two digital creators.

Arron Crascall has almost certainly appeared in your feed on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. He started using Vine when he was working at William Hill bookmakers and his content started to develop a bigger and bigger audience when he started using strangers as participants in his clips. Clip 1, clip 2.

Elle Mills has been described as the John Hughes for the YouTube generation and as ‘the celebrity every YouTuber wants to be’. She creates fully rendered films that are appointment to view content. She’s also been incredibly candid about the toll that creating has had on her.

Here’s when she turned her mum’s house into a frat house , when she lived without the internet, her coming out video was a break-out smash, a slumber party with her brother and all his exes.

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