An eye-opening perspective from inside commercial real estate

Caleb Parker is one of the most intelligent commentators on the future of our workplaces (Twitter, his website) and this conversation with him did not disappoint. Caleb is the founder of a flexible workplace offering, Bold, but also host of a truly brilliant commercial real estate podcast called The Work Bold Podcast.

I found Caleb’s podcast via Antony Slumbers Twitter feed and it’s become part of my weekly routine as it normally drops in time for my Sunday run. (BTW Antony was a former guest who shared with us the perspective of the commercial real estate sector early in the pandemic. I found the dialogue with Antony so rich that I wanted to seek another update from the sector.

The second half of the discussion is especially strong. I ask Caleb to give the stump pitch for the office and his answer is stunning. He also shares a stark warning that ‘bad culture is a bigger threat to the office than the pandemic’.

Caleb also shares with us the perspective of his most inspiring guest on his own podcast – who outlined what is a breathtaking approach to the future office.

Here is the episode that he mentions with Michelle Schnieder.