Fix Your Work

For 2020, a brand new season of Eat Sleep Work Repeat is focussing on the specific actions that any of us can take to fix our work culture.

Each week you can find further reading notes, downloadable PDFs and exercises to do with your team.

1 – Inside Microsoft’s cultural rebirth: [download the PDF] when the biggest company in the world slipped from its throne how did a new CEO try to rescue it using culture. What did Satya Nadella do? How did it succeed, how did it fail? What can any of us do to change our company culture?

This episode draws on the outstanding paper by Herminia Ibarra, Aneeta Rattan and Anna Johnston from London Business School.

Next – we go into shorter working: the 4 day week, the 6 hour day and more.


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About Me

I’m Bruce Daisley. I’ve spent my career working in media and technology companies like Twitter, YouTube, Google and Emap. Along the way I’ve become obsessed with making our jobs better, and how often we get it wrong. Eat Sleep Work Repeat is my attempts to escape the bad opinions that leaders bring to work culture – and to replace them with evidence and facts.

(There’s a book of the same title available in the US, it’s called The Joy of Work in the UK).

If you’ve found any of this to be useful or interesting, please do get in touch.